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Supercharge Your POS with Forian's Consumer Data & Advanced Analytics

Includes everything in ‘Essentials' plus...
  • Leverage Forian's Data Factory to expand your customer profiles - linking to a wealth of consumer and health insights
  • Target your marketing with advanced segmentation, improving your ROI
  • Identify your most valuable, most frequent and at-risk customer segments, and dive deep into their psychographic & demographic profiles to craft unique marketing messages
  • Provide data-driven product recommendations that will increase customer loyalty and grow revenue
Additional Features‍
  • Customer demographics & psychographics beyond your point-of-sale data
  • Aggregated (HIPAA compliant) condition & prescription data to understand how consumers may self treat with specific cannabis products
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Drive Your Business Forward with Actionable Insights

  • Compare multiple locations at a glance - identify over & underperforming retail locations
  • Capture macro and micro trends
  • Optimize margins and product mix at the brand/manufacturer, product category, and product (SKU) level
  • Easily map your trade area to understand where you source customers from by the specific products they purchase
Additional Features
  • Receive scheduled dashboard email notifications daily, weekly, or monthly
  • Download relevant data from charts & dashboards